Eric Johann as Thomas Jefferson, delegate from Virginia.  Photographed in the Burgwin Wright House.

Sam Robison as John Adams, delegate from Massachusetts, and Amy Tucker-Morgan as Abigail Adams.  Photographed in the Burgwin Wright House.

Tony Rivenbark as Benjamin Franklin and Jason Hatfield as John Dickinson, both delegates from Pennsylvania.  Photographed in the Burgwin Wright House.

Sam Robison as John Adams.  Photographed in the Burgwin Wright House.

Jeff Phillips as Edward Rutledge, delegate from South Carolina

Mary Stewart Evans as Martha Jefferson

Maxwell Paige as Lewis Morris, delegate from New York

Shane Fernando as Joseph Hewes, delegate from North Carolina

Jim Bowling as John Hancock, president of the Second Continental Congress

John Markas as Colonel Thomas McKean, delegate from Delaware

Bill Piper as Reverend Jonathan Witherspoon, delegate from New Jersey

Bob Workmon as Samuel Chase, delegate from Maryland



Members of the 2nd Continental Congress


President – John Hancock, Massachusetts          Jim Bowling

New Hampshire – Dr. Josiah Bartlett                  Michael King

Massachusetts – John Adams                             Sam Robison

Rhode Island – Stephen Hopkins                         Richard Bunting

Connecticut – Roger Sherman                            Terrill Williams

New York – Lewis Morris                                    Maxwell Paige

New York – Robert Livingston                             Jamey Stone

New Jersey – Rev. Jonathan Witherspoon           Bill Piper

Pennsylvania – Dr. Benjamin Franklin                  Tony Rivenbark

Pennsylvania – John Dickinson                           Jason Hatfield

Pennsylvania – Judge James Wilson                   Jeff Hidek

Delaware – Caesar Rodney                                Tom Briggs

Delaware – Col. Thomas McKean                        John Markas

Delaware – George Read                                    Ashley W. Grantham

Maryland – Samuel Chase                                  Bob Workmon

Virginia – Richard Henry Lee                              Jason Aycock

Virginia – Thomas Jefferson                               Eric Johann

North Carolina – Joseph Hewes                          Carter McKaughan

South Carolina – Edward Rutledge                      Jeff Phillips

Georgia – Dr. Lyman Hall                                    Stuart Pike



Secretary – Charles Thomson                            George Domby

Custodian – Andrew McNair                              Kim Ewonus

Leather Apron                                                   Marlon Ramos

Courier                                                            Blaine Allen Mowrer

Abigail Adams                                                  Amy Tucker-Morgan

Martha Jefferson                                             Mary Stewart Evans